Why companies with outbound calling process are quickly adopting SIM based calling solution


Sales teams are the foot soldiers of any company’s revenue generation efforts, and calls are one of the main tools that teams use to sell products and services. This makes telecalling CRMs a critical part of sales teams’ operational strategy, including lead management through enhanced calling solutions

What are Telemarketing CRMs or Call management solutions?

Call management refers to the systems and processes enterprises implement to manage inbound calls. Call management routes calls through phones by implementing a set of preset parameters, and the rules used vary based on the routing type used to direct a given call. 

Most enterprises receive a higher volume of calls, making it infeasible to have a call agent review and log the call data. This is where the call management solution steps in to analyse and consolidate raw data such as the phone number and the caller’s location. Other data such as which sales agent closed the sale can also be logged depending on the features of the call management solution.

An essential feature of call management solutions is the autodialer function that automatically dials phone numbers. 

Why do enterprises need call management solutions?

There are various advantages of having a call management solution for an enterprise ranging from telemarketing to lead management. Here we will cover the most important benefits that can change the way a business operates:

Better customer service: By managing customer concerns and answering their inbound queries, the company will get a better reputation for customer service. 

Optimize staffing levels efficiently: Call management solutions are great at collecting critical statistics to identify highs and lows in call volumes. This data can be used to forecast call volumes throughout a given period to ensure optimal staffing requirements throughout the year.

Track lost and abandoned calls: The call management solutions analyse the data collected to mitigate the impact of missed, lost, or abandoned calls by tracking the calls and connecting back with the customers. You can also ensure this by effective call routing.

Enhance performance management: When it comes to assessing employee performance of sales employees or call agents, recording and monitoring calls is an effective method to measure performance. This will help managers identify potential problems, address training requirements, and ensure that agents who perform well are rewarded.

Minimise overheads:  With the enhancement of productivity and efficiency, business costs will inevitably go down. This is an advantage of adopting an efficient telemarketing system by reducing downtime for employees and boosting the productivity of the same sales and call agents during their uptime. 

How will Runo Call Management Solutions Help?

We are a revolutionary SIM-based call management solution working to change the way businesses handle calling, sales, collection, and the telecalling process through a cost-efficient application.

Here are the features that a customer can use to propel their business to new heights:

Advanced caller ID: An overlay window will give you summarised details about the customer before the call begins with the sales agent. The details will include the last integration disposition and notes, which will give the caller the advantage of information before the conversation starts.

Live status of the team: By offering the live status of the team, managers will be better empowered to monitor their team and help them out with issues they face. This will include on-call, idle, login/logout status, and more. 

Call recording: You can listen to the team’s call recordings done through their mobile with SIM as the medium of calling. This unique feature allows for high call quality, letting managers provide timely feedback to their team.

Real-time performance analytics: You can understand the team performance better by viewing the workable input/output real-time KPI reporting to enable higher efficiencies in the calling process.

Follow-up/callback notifications: Sales teams can stay on top of every customer’s needs by enabling follow-up consistently and without fail. 

Interaction history at a glance: Your sales teams will have an easy time reviewing customer history through a timeline that includes all calls, emails, and Whatsapp messages consolidated in one place. This will also help build a high contact ratio which is the number of people called to the number of people that picked up the call. 

Easy integration with productivity applications: Efficiency will be at the top of the list for your sales teams with smart and easy API integration of work applications ranging from email providers and Google Calendar to WhatsApp and more.   


A call management solution is more of a need in today’s day and age of digital communication. The right calling management solution can mean the difference between an empowered sales team that leads to an enhanced bottom line and a struggling sales team that barely achieves sales targets. 

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